Zen Deep Nourishment


A 5-week home study course in how to find deep satisfaction and freedom, and how to operate in such a way that you live a rich, free and satisfied life. Based on the Daisegaki ceremony of Zen and taught by Daizan Skinner Roshi. Designed for people who have already had a touch into Zen practice and who want to take things further.


Zen Deep Nourishment – From Hungry Ghost to True Fulfilment

5-Week Home Study Course

This course is about how to find satisfaction and freedom, and how to operate in such a way that you live a rich, free and satisfied life.

The underlying message of the modern world is that you’re not all right as you are – you’re not good enough. This is the “Hungry Ghost” (gaki) realm. It’s one dominated by feelings of lack and feelings of want. People can live in the Hungry Ghost mindset, and they are, by definition, stuck and not free.

This course will help you deal with the deep suffering of ‘want’ that affects our lives on almost every level and find in its place a deep nourishment and satisfaction. With this, you will not only be able to escape the Hungry Ghost state, but really “catch alight” in your life and passions (and in turn help others catch alight).

Based around the Zen Daisegaki ceremony, Daizan Roshi will take you through the main themes, concepts and practices around Zen deep nourishment and allow you to reap their benefits.

Prerequisites & How to Purchase

To get the most out of this course, you would need to have an established meditation practice and be coming to these videos having already seen through the delusion of the self. Perhaps you have followed some structured course in meditation (e.g. an 8-week course) or come on one of our 3-day Breakthrough to Zen Retreats.

To purchase this course, you’ll first need to send us a description of your experience. In return we’ll send you the payment and download link.

What You’ll Get

  • Practice guide
  • 1 introductory talk video
  • 1 opening ceremony video
  • 5 Dharma talk videos
  • 2 short ‘questions answered’ videos
  • 5 guided meditation videos
  • 5 guided meditation audio files (zip file)

Total of over 7 hours of video. Based on the 5-day Zen sesshin taught by Rinzai Zen master Daizan Skinner Roshi in autumn 2016 in Derbyshire, UK.

Really well laid out with clear guidance and the dharma talks are great background to the practice. The guided meditations are brilliant.Anna

The ceremonies were powerful and important for bringing the techniques and material into my life. I actually used the ‘tanden fire’ practice while camping in the mountains recently. It kept me warmer on a frigid night. Jason

I loved doing the course Sarah

I’ve been doing the practices most days as well as my normal zazen and there’s a feeling of silence/calm which is almost palpable. Lloyd


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