About Us

Zenways (Zendo Kai) promotes and encourages activities and practices that enhance human wellbeing, balance and awakening in the modern world.

About Zenways

We exist to help you uncover your authentic, true self, and learn to live from that place of genuine authenticity. We recognise that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, or an ideal Zen life that we’re all trying to emulate. That’s why our organisation is called Zenways not Zenway – there are as many Zen ways as people.The Zenways approach is therefore centred around helping you find your own, personal Zen way. First you find your own truth, then we can help give you the tools to express, embody and live out that truth in your everyday life – whether that’s in your family or work arenas, or through teaching yoga or meditation.In the years since Zenways was established, it has grown into a world-wide community of Zen practitioners, yoga and meditation teachers.

Our founder

Zenways was founded in 2007 when Julian Daizan Skinner returned from Japan having completed his formal studies in Zen. Arriving in the UK with very few connections, he decided to go on a walking pilgrimage up the centre of the island of Britain from the south tip of the Isle of Wight to the north tip of Scotland, living solely on alms and the generosity of strangers. Zenways was founded around the people he met on that walk.

In 2011, together with his students, he established Yugagyo Dojo, a Zen and yoga training place in South London.


Zen Community

Zenways is affiliated with the Blue Cliff Zen Centre, led by Matt Shinkai Kane Roshi. Shinkai and Daizan both studied under Shinzan Miyamae Roshi in Japan and were named successors.

Teacher Training

For people living in lay life and wanting the opportunity to practise deeply whilst also having a means for paying the bills, Daizan Roshi created two professional teacher training courses in yoga and meditation and mindfulness.

We now have a community of 100s of Zenways yoga and mindfulness teachers across the world.


Daizan and his senior student Mark Kuren Westmoquette have published a number of books on Zen, including “Practical Zen: Meditation and Beyond,” “Zen and the Art of Dealing With Difficult People” and “Practical Zen Yoga”. See our shop for a full list.