Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training

Zenways meditation and mindfulness teacher training

Accredited Mindfulness Teacher Training Programme

Accredited by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association

The Zenways meditation and mindfulness teacher training is unique. It is rooted in the Rinzai Zen tradition. This has a long and distinguished history of teaching meditation for boosting physical and mental health and wellbeing, as well as for grounding, insight, and self-understanding.

Course highlights

  • Learn how to conduct an 8-week course in Meditation and Mindfulness for Health & Wellbeing, suitable for individuals and organisations. You don’t have to be a clinician – this course is specifically designed to help people deal with their every-day stresses and strains
  • Learn how to conduct an additional 8-week course in Meditation and Mindfulness for Insight, suitable for those wanting to move beyond wellbeing into the higher realms of human potential
  • All the practices rooted in the centuries-old Zen tradition. Courses run by experienced Zenways teachers
  • Be a part of our ongoing research project on the Influence of Mindfulness and Meditation on Overall Life Satisfaction
  • Personal support from a Zenways mentor throughout your qualification period and beyond
  • Access to our private members site containing a wealth of resources to download and support your teaching.

What our teachers are doing now

Craig Behenna Craig Behenna (qualified 2018). I have taught mindfulness in consultation with psychology clinics, to medical clinicians and specialist consultants, in yoga schools, to artists looking to use mindfulness for help with anxiety and depression, privately and in workshops for the general public.
Nigel Feetham (qualified 2016). I teach the eight-week mindfulness for health and wellbeing course twice a year in Loughborough. I have delivered workshops for mindfulness and stress reduction to Teachers and Social Workers. Also I run a local weekly meditation drop in group.
Laura Cecil (trained Dec 2017). I have facilitated groups on courses and workshops at my rural retreat in East Sussex. I also teach through Adult Ed services in Kent and East Sussex and as a free-lance trainer for private and public sector organisations.
Jenny Critchlow Jenny Critchlow (qualified 2014). I run mindfulness and meditation workshops and courses for adults and teenagers, I also combine it for other workshops I run including Dealing with Anxiety and Overwhelm and teaching Shamanic work. I also combine meditation with sound baths using gongs and crystal bowls. I run drop in meditation sessions and provide workshops for businesses as part of their well being programmes.
Jason Bond (trained 2017) teaches mindfulness/meditation to school teachers, university students and health professionals in Maine, USA and around the world as he travels.
Mary Hartley Platt (trained Jan 2015) teaches meditation and mindfulness to small groups and individuals in Washington, DC. She offers online courses and coaching to help continue expanding access to the Zenways style of practice for well-being and awakening.

Zenways course - class with students