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Zenways Teacher Trainings

Finding your Zen way of becoming a teacher

Do you want to become a mindfulness or yoga teacher with a unique and authentic approach?

Do you want to find your Zen way of becoming a teacher?

Do you want to join a growing community of Zenways teachers who are making a positive difference across the world?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a Zenways teacher training course is for you. Zenways is a UK-based organisation that promotes and encourages activities and practices that enhance human wellbeing, balance and awakening in the modern world.

Zenways offers two types of professionally validated teacher training courses:
mindfulness teacher training and yoga teacher training.

Mindfulness Teacher Training Path

The Zenways mindfulness teacher training path is an intensive programme of three modules. Module 1 is stand-alone, and modules 2 & 3 are optional extension courses that will ultimately allow you to become an accredited teacher with the International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA).

Taught both in person and online, module 1 and 2 will teach you how to deliver two secular 8-week mindfulness courses: module 1 covers a course focussing on physical and mental wellbeing, and module 2 you’ll study grounding and self-enquiry. Module 3 gives you a comprehensive foundation in the history and development of mindfulness, its contemporary application, and a number of further areas of study.

All three modules are rooted in the Zen tradition, which has a long history of teaching mindfulness as a way of boosting health and wellbeing as well as awakening to our true nature.

You will learn how to teach mindfulness in a way that is accessible, practical and relevant to modern life. You will also learn how to support your students with compassion and skill.

Find your truth, teach your truth.

Yoga Teacher Training

The Zenways 200hr yoga teacher training is a unique, total-immersion course built around helping you to find your own truth and then giving you the tools to express that in your yoga teaching.

The course is designed to take you deeper into your practice and intention to become a teacher. It is uniquely rooted in the Zen Buddhist tradition, and draws from the rich and diverse movement traditions spanning central and east Asia, including India, Tibet, China and Japan.

Rather than orientating our course around “our” way and “our” sequences, scripts and postures, instead we orient ourselves around your path as an individual. You will learn how to teach yoga in a range of paces and styles, with correct alignment, kind awareness and appropriate energy. You will also learn how to integrate Zen meditation and wisdom into your yoga practice and teaching. Fully accredited by the Yoga Alliance.

Find your truth, teach your truth.

“Amazing value for the amount we have learnt physically, emotionally and practically. You will cry, you will laugh, but what you’ll feel at the end is a feeling that is priceless!”

Bonnie, Teacher Training Student

Being a part of our teacher training community

Zen Compassion Plus

Join Our Community

We’d love to welcome you into our growing community of teachers to support you on your ongoing journey. Come along and meet other teachers at our various events.

Zen Compassion Plus

Compassion Plus Teacher Training

Learn to teach a four week course to your students that introduces, shares and guides them through the Shimuryo Zammai – the four boundless meditations of loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity.

Zenways CPD workshop

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing your professional development is a very important aspect of every profession – including yoga and mindfulness teaching. We offer regular classes, workshops and retreats to help you build your CPD units and help you develop as a teacher.