Find Your Zen Way

Zenways provides a holistic and comprehensive approach to wellbeing and awakening that covers all aspects of human life, including physical, mental, emotional, ethical and spiritual.

Whether you’re looking to join our Zen practice community or learn to teach yoga or mindfulness, our greatest wish is to see you develop your personal Zen ‘way’ – your unique expression of your deepest self embodied in how you live your life.

Teacher Training

Do you want to find your Zen way of becoming a teacher and join our community of teachers making a positive difference across the world?

We offer unique and authentic teacher training pathways in yoga and mindfulness meditation that will enable you to transform your passion into purpose. Our courses will equip you with the tools to help your students find a new basis for health, wellbeing and happiness, and give you a greater sense of meaning and fulfilment.

Our Community

There’s a Zen saying that “People who practise together end up knowing each other better than most people know themselves.”

We have a thriving sangha centred in the UK and increasingly spread over the world, with people practising with us both in-person and online. Our community feels like an extra family – it’s dedicated, creative, diverse and hugely supportive.


Practice & Train with us

Choose your Zenways path

Zenways (Zendo Kai) promotes and encourages activities and practices that enhance human wellbeing, balance and awakening in the modern world. We aim to make Zen accessible, useful, and potentially life-changing to all, and believe that enlightenment is achievable right here within the stresses and busyness of modern life.

What we offer

People come to Zen from many directions and from many spiritual and philosophical backgrounds. We offer a range of practices, courses and teacher training options that work with your physical body, your mind and awareness and your energy to create greater wellbeing, vitality, compassion and a deep sense of your connection and relationship with the universe.

Train to Teach Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation

Learn About Zen, Develop Your Practice & Join Our Community

Learn About Zen, Develop Your
Practice & Join Our Community

Our Founder

Daizan Skinner

Daizan Skinner is the founder of Zenways. He is the first Englishman to become a Roshi or Zen Master in the Rinzai school of Zen. He is also an accomplished yoga teacher. His unique style of Zen teaching combines physical cultivation with mental and spiritual development.