Carving of Buddha by Enku

about Zenways

We believe Zen is for everyone. We aim to make it accessible, useful, and potentially life-changing. Enlightenment is achievable right here within the stresses and busyness of modern life.

People come to Zen from many directions and from many spiritual and philosophical backgrounds. Practice in Zenways works with your body, mind and energy to create greater wellbeing, vitality and awareness, and a deep sense of your connection with all things and your true relationship with the universe.

Zenways (Zendo Kyodan) promotes and encourages activities and practices that enhance human wellbeing, balance and awakening (satori or kensho – the enlightenment of Zen) in the modern world.

London dojo now open – no booking, no masks

UPDATE Feb 2022: We are open for meditation practice at the dojo on Tuesday mornings and Sunday evenings. We no longer require you to book ahead or wear a mask inside the dojo. All our practice sessions continue to be available to join online.

We are committed to continuing to share Zen teachings and practice during these uncertain times in the safest possible way.

Wishing you the safest passage.