Meeting for Zazen

Group zen practice

Meeting for Zazen

Zen is strongly associated with group practice. Having the opportunity to be with others on the same path and in a place dedicated to this work is tremendously beneficial.

We meet regularly at our dojo in south London as well as online. We make every effort to make sure what we offer is available equally in-person and online.

“A group behaves just like a coal fire. A burning ember that is not fanned goes out all by itself. A big pile of embers becomes a blazing furnace. When there are many of us, each person must take it upon himself to not disturb the others, by virtue of which we obtain a unique atmosphere. It is precisely by this atmosphere that we recognize a dojo of the Buddha Way”.

Zen Master Sawaki Kodo

Newcomers welcome meeting

If you’re coming for the first time or want to find out more about our zazen (meditation) meetings, we encourage you to come to our newcomers welcome meeting.

Every Sunday 5:15-5:45pm (UK time). This is held online and open to all – join us on Zoom by clicking the button below:

Zenways Meditation practice at the dojo

These sessions are run by one of our trainee Zen teachers. You’ll have a chance to say hello, ask questions and understand how our group practice sessions work in terms of chanting, bowing, and how to get individual instruction with the teacher (sanzen).

Even if you want to come to the dojo in-person, ideally you would attend this online first.

Weekly meetings for Zazen

Held both in-person at our dojo in south London as well as online.

📍Directions to our dojo here.

Sundays 6:00-7:30pm (UK time)

Led by Daizan Roshi (or another Zenways teacher)


Dharma Talk


Sanzen (private Zen interview)

After 7:30pm we have an informal optional tea.

Tuesdays 7-8am (UK time)

Led by Daizan Roshi (or another Zenways teacher)


Sanzen (private Zen interview)

At 8am we have an informal optional tea.

You’re very welcome to come a few times (in person or online) to see whether you find our style of practice helpful. There is no charge. However if you decide you want to attend regularly, please sign up as a Zenways member – our organisation relies on your membership donations for its survival.

Find your local group to practice with

Blue Cliff Zen Centre
(Eugene Oregon, USA, led by Matt Shinkai Kane Roshi)

Forest Row
East Sussex, UK
fortnightly on Saturday mornings at 10am

Patcham (Brighton) Group
First Sunday of every month at 10am at Patcham Memorial Hall, Patcham, UK

Nottingham Group

French Sangha
(French language)
Mondays 21:15 (CET) online – talk and zazen
Thursdays 20:00 (CET) – yoga class