Yoga teacher training

Yoga teacher training at Zenways

Accredited by the Yoga Alliance and the Independent Yoga Network


The Zenways yoga teacher training is uniquely rooted in the Zen Buddhist tradition. The two-week, 200-hour, total-immersion format is designed to take you deeper into your practice and intention to become a teacher.

The Zenways approach is centred around allowing you to find your own truth and then giving you the tools to express that. On that journey your body and your experience is your wisest guide. Rather than orientating our course around “our” way and “our” sequences, scripts and postures, we instead orientate ourselves towards your path as an individual. We focus on giving you the principles and techniques to equip you for a lifetime of exploring, developing and evolving, and finding how to teach your truth. We’d love to welcome you into our growing community of 200+ teachers to support you on your ongoing journey.

Zenways 200hr Intensive Yoga Teacher Training

Course highlights

  • Gain a comprehensive “tool kit” that allows you to find your true expression and develop as a teacher for the rest of your life.
  • The intensive, total immersion process supports a deep, transformational journey, giving you rich experience to teach from. Recent studies have also shown this intensive format to be the most efficient way to learn. The course will leave you excited and feeling ready to teach.
  • The course is uniquely based in the Yogacara (yoga practice) philosophy of Mahayana Buddhism, and was written by Zen master Daizan Skinner based on wisdom gained from 25+ years of Zen and yoga study.
  • Accredited by the world-wide standards body Yoga Alliance, and the Independent Yoga Network. Graduates are eligible to join REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) level 3.
  • Join a growing family over 200 Zenways teachers who have trained with us in the 10 years since this course began.
  • To train with us you’ll need a minimum two years regular yoga practice (or equivalent).

Our philosophy

Most yoga schools are based in Hindu or Vedic philosophy, but if you have more of a leaning towards the Buddhist view of life then Zenways is for you. Our yoga teacher training course is uniquely based in the Yogacara (lit. yoga practice) philosophy of Mahayana Buddhism, which is one of the cornerstones of Zen. Yogacara emphasises the exploration of our true nature through meditative and yogic practices, and describes a detailed Buddhist psychological view of the mind and our senses.

However you don’t need to be Buddhist, want to be Buddhist, or have ever studied Buddhism to come on our course. Our primary goal is to offer you a variety of approaches and philosophies and encourage you to find your own passion, and then learn how to teach from there.