Zenways (Zendo Kyodan) promotes and encourages activities and practices that enhance human wellbeing, balance and awakening (satori or kensho - the enlightenment of Zen) in the many different situations we find ourselves in.

Zenways offers:

Zen Meditation Practice

Zen Yoga Classes

Yoga Teacher Training

Meditation Teacher Training

People come to Zen from many directions and from many spiritual and philosophical backgrounds. Zen doesn’t demand your faith or belief, doesn’t want to control you in any way. A true Zen teacher is simply a guide to a realm of human experience that is sublime. A Zen teacher has been there and, if well trained, has many ways to help you go there too.

We grow to adulthood and oftentimes stop, only vaguely realising that there is so much more a human being can become.  When you begin to pay attention to your life, you begin again to grow, you become able to truly be of benefit to others and to live an authentic life.

Practice in Zenways works with your body, mind and energy to create greater wellbeing, vitality and awareness, and a deep sense of your connection with all things and your true relationship with the universe.



New video release:
Zen Power in Practice: the teachings
of Nakahara Nantembo Roshi

Filmed during a Zen practice day at Yugagyo Dojo in 2013. Available on DVD and download.
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About Daizan Roshi

Over many years of strict training, in Japan and the West, Julian Daizan Skinner Roshi received Dharma Transmission and permission to teach in both the Rinzai and Soto lineages of Zen.

His Zen study incorporated yoga practice, and he and he now teaches a unique style of Zen yoga practice that combines physical challenge with mental and spiritual development.

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Your donations will help our work. We wish to establish a rural residential retreat centre in the UK. All of these and many other projects are ongoing. You can help us.

The Buddha taught us that, "generosity leads to long life, good appearance, happiness and strength." (Anguttara IV. 57). "A vast shower of merit will pour down on a giver."

Samyutta Nikaya I.101

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Zen Day Retreat at Oxford
25th October

Yoga Teacher Training
1st - 15th Nov 2014

Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training
10th - 16th Nov 2014

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Not trying to change anything we are just seeing how things really are. And this clear seeing is what opens the door to liberation