Zen online

Zazen online

We have a growing number of people across Europe, USA and the world that practice with us remotely. We offer a range of options you may be able to benefit from.

Zen practice meetings

Beginners welcome and orientation
Sundays 5:15-5:45pm
(open to all – join us on Zoom using the following link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89059735225?pwd=b1E0OHVIRFp4R0NZeit4QkdkeGt0dz09)

Zen practice
Sundays 6:00-7:30pm

led by Daizan Roshi (or another Zenways teacher)
– Chanting
– Dharma Talk
– Zazen
– Sanzen (private Zen interview)

Zen practice
Tuesdays 7-8 am
led by Daizan Roshi
(or another Zenways teacher)
– Zazen
– Sanzen (private Zen interview)

For more info about attending in-person at the dojo, see here

Sanzen (private 1-to-1 meetings with the teacher)

Sanzen is an interview with a Zen teacher. It involves two people attempting to meet unconditionally without any games. It’s a chance to ask questions, discuss your practice or raise any issues you’re having with your life.

Daizan Roshi offers sanzen over Skype on Monday mornings from 7am, and during the zazen sessions on Tuesday mornings and Sunday evenings. His username is daizan100. If you haven’t contacted us before, be aware that there may be a queue. You can add yourself to the queue by giving Daizan a missed call on Skype or by sending an instant message saying you’d like to be added to the queue. Then you do your meditation while you wait. Please be patient.

You are welcome to come to remote sanzen for free a few times while considering whether you wish to become a Zenways student.

Private members website

Zenways members get access to our private website where you’ll find:
– an extensive library of Dharma talks, interviews and recordings of retreat days
– a library of recorded Zen Yoga classes
– an active and lively members forum where you can interact with our community and as questions

Online meditation meetings and courses

Members of our sangha host various home meditation sessions through the week on our online platform where you can join and practice together.

We also offer online meditation courses. For more info and upcoming dates click here.

Establishing your home practice

If you’re a beginner, have a read of our page on learning basic sitting zazen meditation here.

If you’re new to Rinzai Zen then we’d recommend you get hold of a copy of Daizan’s book Practical Zen: Meditation and Beyond. It takes you through an 8-week programme for exploring the whole range of meditation practices in Rinzai Zen practice.