Yoga Teacher Training: What’s different about our course?


Let us give you the tools to teach the style of yoga that’s exactly right for you

Perhaps you enjoy fast and flowing vinyasa-style yoga, perhaps you like to go slower and deeper. We love all of it and believe it all has a place.

The Zenways yoga teacher training course uses a different approach to the norm. We believe that you never stop growing as a yoga teacher so we don’t simply give you a set of sequences and postures that you are then authorised to teach. Instead we focus on the principles and supply the tool kit that allows you to find your true expression and develop as a teacher.

When you understand the key elements of physical alignment, you can apply them to respond creatively to your students’ needs. Also you learn how to experience and cultivate energy – both your own and your students’. Added to this you will come to know how it is to bring mindfulness and presence to the work – the all-important Zen part which makes your yoga truly yoga and not just gymnastics.

The course was even better than I expected – more in-depth, and I feel much more confident than I thought could be possible in the time-frameDonna Booth, Sutherland.

Our 14-day intensive course

We orientate our yoga teacher training course around your journey

The intensive, total immersion process supports a deep, transformational journey, giving you a rich and authentic experience to teach from.

Recent studies have shown the intensive method to be the most efficient way to learn a new skill. When you step outside of your normal life to focus intensely on a new direction, your rate of progress can be spectacular.

That’s why we teach people to be yoga teachers on a fast-track, intensive course. You knock through the barriers to your success much more easily because you have momentum behind you. You’re completely immersed in learning, practising and teaching yoga for two whole weeks straight. You’re surrounded by others on the same path and the teacher is right there for you. In this time, not only will you acquire the skills for your future career, but you’ll probably find you’re going through a supercharged personal growth process.

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Really, can I learn how to be a yoga teacher in only two weeks?

We think of it like learning to drive a car. With intensive study, you can pass your driving test quite quickly. However, many people feel that it’s only once you’ve passed your test that you really learn to drive. Yoga is the same. Plan on your development as a yoga teacher taking the rest of your life.

The path of yoga is truly an endless journey – you never stop learning, you never stop growing, and out of this comes something really special that you can share with your students – all based on the foundations learnt on our yoga teacher training course.

To register for our yoga teacher training course, simply call us on 01698 542677 or email and we’ll guide you through the process.

Where does the course come from?

The course was written by Julian Daizan Skinner, the first Englishman to go to Japan and become a Roshi or Zen Master in the rigorous Rinzai tradition of Zen. Daizan is registered at the 500-hour level with the Yoga Alliance and as a Yoga Elder with the Independent Yoga Network.

Making notes on the Zenways yoga teacher training

Over the years he has studied yoga with many teachers in the UK, China and Japan, and travelled to India to study with 90 year-old Sri Pattabhi Jois. He has synthesised the most useful elements of what he learned, both within and outside Zen monasteries, into Zenways yoga – a practice that fosters the Zen experience and develops wellbeing, focus, awareness and suppleness on all levels.

All the Zenways course tutors have a wide experience of yoga practice and are students of Zen. The diverse experience embedded in the Zenways approach will bring you success when you teach and at the same time will allow you to develop both as a person and as a teacher.

If your mind is open or ready to open, you can only benefit from this approach. For me it was the missing link to go deeper on my yoga journey.Maxine Craig, Bournemouth

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