Work with a mentor

work with a Zenways mentor

As the Zenways community grows the demand on Daizan’s time has been increasing. We now have a burgeoning sangha and the dojo is regularly full at our Sunday session. As a result it’s not always easy to get to see Daizan or have an opportunity to ask questions about your practice or ask for guidance.

Within our sangha, we have small group who have entered the path of becoming a junior Zen teacher (for more info on that see here). In an attempt to bridge this gap, they have offered to mentor anyone within our community who feels like that might be of help to them.

Maybe you’ve got some questions about a book you’ve read, or having some issues with your meditation posture, want to ask about different kinds of practices to explore, or just want to have a chat about things with someone when Daizan is away. This would be the time to contact your mentor (by phone, skype, e-mail, or by meeting in person).

Contact us

If you would like to take up this offer and connect with a Zen mentor, please get in contact
Contact Us

And if you have a preference (perhaps based on location) for who you’d like as your mentor do let us know. If not, we’ll just assign you to someone and get you in touch.

The junior Zen teachers and teachers-in-training who have agreed to offer their time:

  • Mark Kuren Westmoquette (London, and online)
  • Keith Fuso Alker (London, and online)
  • Hogetsu Bärndal (London, and online)
  • Pete Cherry (London, and online)
  • Dainei Tracy (Devon, and online)
  • Sean Rinryu Collins (Hampshire, Norfolk, and online)
  • Sarah Daisho Holt (London, and online)
  • Lloyd Shoren Clater (London, and online)
  • Riccardo Shunzan Bonaiti (Cambridge, and online)
  • Emma Daisho Hudson (Buckinghamshire, and online)
  • Pablo Mokusei Lopez Pleguezuelo (Almeria Spain, and online)
  • April Gensei Mannino (Sussex, and online)