Wake Up and Live


A comprehensive video self-study course in Rinzai Zen meditation by Zen master Daizan Skinner including eight recorded audio meditations to follow.


Wake Up and Live – Zen Meditation for Energy and Insight

8-Week Home Study Course

This 8-week course is aimed at looking a little deeper into mindfulness and meditation. In it, Zen master Daizan Skinner will introduce you to a range of Rinzai Zen meditation techniques and practices that enable you to find out who you really are while at the same time boosting your health, groundedness and energy.

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Its structure comes from an important Zen Master in our lineage called Hakuin Zenji (1686-1768). He divided Zen practices into what he called the “two wings of a bird”.  One wing includes meditation practices that are directed towards understanding reality – kensho or satori – as enlightenment is called in Zen. The other is aimed at enhancing your wellbeing and vitality. To live enlightened wisdom in an active fulfilling life, you need a robust, healthy system.

This course is suitable if you’re looking for an introduction to meditation and ways of finding out who you are and what your relationship is to the world. You don’t need to have any previous meditation experience – only a keen desire or intention to know more about who you really are!

Expect to benefit from:

  • Enhanced health and vitality
  • More happiness
  • Better concentration
  • Powerful insights into your true nature
  • More energy
  • Less Fear
  • Improved problem solving
  • A greater appreciation of nature
  • More awareness of the present
  • Greater connection to other people

The course follows a similar path to that laid out in our book “Practical Zen: Meditation and Beyond“, but includes extra material – and you get to hear it from the horses mouth! Through the weeks, Daizan Roshi explores a variety of topics including:

  • Stress
  • Pain and the physical effects of meditation
  • The mental effects of meditation
  • Introduction to grounding and energy-work
  • Living at an elevated level of function
  • Stages of insight into self-understanding – knowing who you really are

The eight meditation and mindfulness techniques, as practised in Rinzai Zen temples, include:

  • Detailed instructions on how to sit properly for zazen (meditation)
  • Information on how to get the most out of your meditation practice
  • The benefits and drawbacks of meditation
  • How to use Zen in everyday life – whether at work or at play
  • Fascinating stories about key figures in Rinzai Zen
  • Ki ko (qi gong) energy work
  • Using meditation whilst on the move
  • How to increase your vitality and well being
  • Plus much, much more!

Over 10 hours of recorded material, including bonus videos
– The energetic basis of Zen
– How to deal with suffering and become one with the Universe
– Master Bankei and Shinzan Roshi
– The marriage of awareness and power

Study guide included


You can also study this full range of traditional practices with a Zenways meditation instructor. We have a number in London, throughout the UK and in various places around the world.

All proceeds go towards establishing a permanent rural Zen training place in the UK.



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