Wake Up and Live! – A Comprehensive Course in Rinzai Zen Mediatation

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A Comprehensive Course in Rinzai Zen Mediatation

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Our Rinzai Zen tradition was first introduced to the west in 1893. Rinzai Zen Master, Soyen Shaku, taught at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago. Since then there have been various people studying and teaching Zen in the west. But until now the teaching has been incredibly patchy. There is a range of Rinzai Zen meditation practices that in the west haven’t been fully known or taught. Part of our work at Zenways is to make the full range of meditation practices available to you.

Rinzai Zen contains a finely honed system to enable you to find out who you really are while at the same time boosting your health, groundedness and energy. This unique approach makes this system practical and relevant to people navigating the stresses and strains of modern western life.

You don’t have to adopt particular beliefs or philosophies. The important thing is that you do the practice. Zen has a saying “A painting of a rice cake won’t fill your belly”.

An important Zen Master in our lineage is called Hakuin Zenji (1686-1768). He divided Zen practices into what he called “The Two Wheels of the Cart”.  One type of meditation allows you to enhance your wellbeing and vitality. To live an active fulfilling life, you need a robust, healthy system. The second sort of meditation is directed towards understanding reality – kensho or satori – as enlightenment is called in Zen.

When these two types of practice are combined, you will experience:

  • Enhanced health and vitality
  • More happiness
  • Better concentration
  • Powerful insights into your true nature
  • More energy
  • Less Fear
  • Improved problem solving
  • A greater appreciation of nature
  • More awareness of the present
  • Greater connection to other people

You can study this full range of traditional practices with a Zenways meditation instructor. We have a number in London, throughout the UK and in various places around the world. Visit our “find a teacher” page to find someone local to you.

We also have an upcoming book on this work.

In addition, for students who are not close to a live instructor we have created this self-study course.

Wake Up and Live! – A Comprehensive Course in Rinzai Zen Mediatation

Course Contents

Wake Up and Live course contentsEight types of meditation practice, as practised in Rinzai Zen temples

  • Ki ko (qi gong) energy work
  • Detailed instructions on how to sit properly for zazen
  • Yoga exercises from Japan, China and India
  • Fascinating stories about key figures in Rinzai Zen
  • Instructions on how to breathe correctly
  • Information on how to get the most out of your meditation practice
  • The benefits and drawbacks of meditation
  • How to use Zen in everyday life – whether at work or at play
  • Using meditation whilst on the move
  • What the life of a monk is like
  • How to increase your vitality and well being
  • Plus much, much more!

Plus Practice Guidebook

Plus One page quickstart guide

Free Extra Gift
At no extra charge to you, valued at £29: CD versions of the Wake Up and Live guided meditations for extra convenience in your practice.

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The special introductory price for Wake up and Live is reduced from £199 down to just £99.

All proceeds go towards establishing a permanent rural Zen training place in the UK.


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