“The Enlightenment Intensive” by Lawrence Noyes


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The Enlightenment Intensive: The Power of Dyad Communication for Self-Realization

Cracking the ancient questions: Who am I? What am I? What is life? For thousands of years seekers have asked themselves these questions by sitting in silence. In 1968 a way was found to use this practice in dyads: two people seated facing each other and periodically reporting what came up, all in a Zen-style intensive retreat. The results were powerful, and the Enlightenment Intensive was born. It spread quickly and now, fifty years on, it is time to see what is ahead for this honorable method so well loved by people around the world. A historical breakthrough in how you can know yourself.
“Lawrence Noyes is uniquely qualified to introduce this revolutionary spiritual technology that for the past half-century has enabled even inexperienced practitioners to gain life-changing shifts in perspective. You can find for yourself what the ancients meant by the term enlightenment. Start here.” – Julian Daizan Skinner

About the author:

Lawrence Noyes has been lecturing and giving seminars on topics of awakening and spiritual growth since 1978. From 1976 to 1987 he trained extensively with Charles Berner, the originator of the Enlightenment Intensive. For twenty-five years he gave Enlightenment Intensives and trained masters and staff in North America, Europe, and Australia. He has edited or authored numerous training articles and manuals for those interested in learning to deliver this method. He continues to give master and staff trainings and support for those active in this work around the world. For more information see www.lawrencenoyes.com

This book is so rich in its simplicity and clarity. A very deep thank you, Lawrence. Rosemary Kearney, South Africa

I love it. I loved the descriptions people gave of their experiences. It’s a book that speaks to everyone whether they’ve taken an Enlightenment Intensive or not. Murray Kennedy, Canada

This book is wonderful! A major contribution to the continuing success of the Enlightenment Intensive. Jack Wexler, Australia



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