Spontaneous Zen: Connecting with the Wisdom of your Body – DVD



In this DVD video Zen master Daizan Skinner Roshi introduces you to Spontaneous Zen practice – an aspect of Zen that is not very well known. Spontaneous practice is about letting go and allowing the wisdom of your body show you what needs to be done – whether that ends up as perfect stillness or vigorous movement.

The video was recorded whilst Daizan was with his teacher Shinzan Roshi on the famous Mount Iwakati in central Japan, connecting with the spirit of the great Zen master Hakuin (1686-1768). Daizan Roshi talks about how Hakuin came on retreat for 3 years on this mountain. He wrote about his experience, saying “How many times did I jump up and jubilantly dance around, oblivious to all else!”

In this video, Daizan Roshi invites you also to find the spirit of master Hakuin on Mount Iwakati, and find how you can reconnect to the innate wisdom of your body. As well as coming home – returning to your true place in the universe – this spontaneous practice is very beneficial for the health of body and mind.

Included are practical instructions on how to practice spontaneous Zen, and a 20-min recorded period for you to practice along with.

“As I sought for the highest principle and the wondrous meaning of the universe, my own self became clear and all things appeared bright. In this abundance of delight, I forgot that my hands were moving in the air and my feet were dancing.”
Zen Master Imakita Kōsen (1816-1892)