Calligraphy by Shinzan Roshi – Look at nature, become Buddha



English translation: Look at nature, become Buddha
Box: Wooden with card sleeve
Scroll dimensions: 150x82cm

Zen has become one of the most universally known religions, and the term “Zen” has even developed marketing and social associations in the West beyond spiritual practice. Embracing this universal quality, Shinzan Roshi has inscribed this enso in English, reaching out to all who might be curious. Enso, Zen circles, have also captured the imagination of Westerners and found their way into the visual language of the west.

Enso are symbols of teaching, reality, enlightenment and myriad things in between. Seemingly perfect in their continuity, balance and sense of completeness, and yet often irregular in executions, enso are at once the most fundamentally simple and the most complex shape. They seem to leave little room for variation, and yet in the hands of Zen masters, the varieties of personal expression are endless. Ensos evoke power, dynamism, charm, humour, drama and stillness. How and why is such a simple shape used to convey the vast meanings and complexities of Zen?

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