Calligraphy by Shinzan Roshi – Sen Shin



Japanese: Sen Shin
English translation: Purify the Heart
Box: Wooden with card sleeve
Scroll dimensions: 135x65cm

“Senshin” is known as one of the Five Spirits of Budo (Way of the Warrior). The Five Spirits are very closely related to basic Zen teachings. The Five Spirits of Budo are: shoshin (beginners’ mind), zanshin (lingering mind), mushin (no mind), fudoshin (immovable mind) and senshin (purified mind). Senshin is a spirit that transcends the first four states of mind. It is a spirit of compassion that protects and harmonises the universe. It holds all life to be sacred, and reflects the Buddha mind. Fully embracing senshin is essentially equivalent to becoming enlightened and may well exceed the scope of daily aikido training.

Shinzan Roshi has written these characters with a certain playfulness and freedom of spirit, reflecting the purified mind. The two characters (心 洗) nestle next to each other, their individual spaces indistinguishable. In particular, the three dots that serve as the left-hand portion of the “sen” character, visually interact with the gesturally free “shin” character, which tilts casually to the left.

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Alternative versions available

150301-67 sen shin 2 150301-220 sen shin 3 150301-233 sen shin 4

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