Calligraphy by Shinzan Roshi – Ichi mui shinin



Japanese: Ichi mui shinin
English translation: One true person of no rank
Box: Wooden
Scroll dimensions: 190x60cm

A monk asked the master Rinzai, “What is the true person of no rank?”

Master Rinzai descended from his seat, grabbed the monk, and said, “Speak, speak!” When the monk hesitated, the master released him, and said, “What a shit-stick, this true person of no rank.”

Shinzan Roshis calligraphy, revealing this rather difficult teaching from the Rinzai Roku (Record of Rinzai), is visually striking with its bold, even strokes, its balanced precision and sense of stability and strength. There are no extra flourishes or embellishments, no extraneous motion. It simply is.

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Alternative versions

one true person of no rank v2

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