Mindfulness Teacher Training: What’s different about our course?

Mindfulness teachers

Our Meditation and Mindfulness practices for Wellbeing and Insight are based in the centuries-old Zen Buddhist lineage.

Did you know that 30 minutes meditation a day will boost your health and intelligence, reduce your stress and offer you a whole host of other benefits?

There is great demand for meditation and mindfulness teaching these days. Not only individuals are seeking out the meditation teachings, many big organisations including companies like Google and Microsoft are aware of the benefits of meditation and encouraging its practice at work.

mindfulness meditation session

Meditation session at our studio in London

It stands to reason. Not only does meditation practice make you more relaxed, focused and stress-resistant; over time you become increasingly efficient. It makes sense for you and for the wider world.

Our intensive courses are designed for people who want to become meditation and mindfulness teachers. The material is presented in a format that will allow you to conduct eight-week courses for individuals or companies, providing a framework which allows the life-changing benefits of meditation to be assimilated and practised in a way that can lead to lasting well-being, enhanced health and expanded consciousness.

The practices have already been taught in many organisations including BAE Systems, Support 2 Recovery, Oxford University, Kids Company, Imperial College, Westminster University, Isle of Wight Council, Hammersmith Hospital, amongst many others.

It was fantastic. There was not one piece of the course I did not value highly. The tutors were friendly, approachable and I could listen to them talk for hours, they were totally inspirational.

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How is this course different to MBSR/MBCT-based courses?

Daizan teaching

Firstly you don’t have to be a trained and practising therapist to do our training. All you need is to have a strong interest in meditation practice.

Teaching secular (non-religious) meditation practices has a tradition in Zen stretching back to the 9th century. Meditation for the purposes of boosting health and wellbeing is called “bompu Zen”, and is firmly grounded in the teachings of the great Zen masters.

Our course is purely meditation and mindfulness based, with no admixtures of psychotherapy, and the orientation is teacher-student rather than therapist-client. Although our practices are being used in the NHS and other healthcare settings, we take a much wider view of wellbeing, believing that it’s more than simply alleviating psychological distress or stress reduction.