Mindfulness Teacher Training: What happens after I qualify?

Will I be registered when I graduate?

Yes, you’ll be registered with Zenways and this enables you to obtain the insurance necessary for you to practise as a meditation teacher. In the intervening time before you graduate, you will be registered as a ‘student teacher’. Most insurance companies issue student teacher insurance certificates. Please enquire for further information or if you’re unsure.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements

A Zenways course always comes with lots of laughterAfter you first qualify, your certificate will be valid for 1 year during which you do not need to do any CPD training. Following this, you will need to subscribe to the Zenways CPD programme (cost of £69/year). This provides you free access to all our CPD workshops, covers access to our private teaching members website, and all the administration and certificate renewal.

Annually, you will need to submit evidence for completing 10 CPD within that year to receive a new certificate. More details about our CPD system are given here.

Why should I continue on and attend module 2?

On module 2 you will learn how to teach a second 8-week course suitable for those who wish to move beyond everyday wellbeing and into the higher realms of human potential. The practices you will learn, and learn to teach, are rooted in the ancient Zen tradition and based around developing insight into your true nature – and doing so keeping both feet firmly on the ground. These practices include mindfulness of the breath, koan meditation (for example, meditating with the question “who am I?”), meditating on the ‘Unborn’, and a number of energy-based practices for cultivating grounding and stability.

Again, you do not have to be a Buddhist or have achieved any specific levels in your meditation. You just have to have completed module 1.

As you breathe in, just look deeply within. Turn within. Breathing out; questioning ‘who am I?’