Mindfulness Teacher Training: What is covered on the course

zenways study resources200hr Course Structure

Module 1

This course comprises of:

  • 7-day residential course (module 1-1)
  • coursework to be completed at home
  • minimum of 1 year as a student teacher
  • follow-up weekend course (module 1-2)

Module 1-1: 7-day intensive course

You will be taught how to conduct an 8-week course in Meditation and Mindfulness for Health & Wellbeing. This course was written by Daizan Roshi, and although based in Zen and Buddhist-based mindfulness practices, is suitable for individuals and organisations wanting a non-spiritual programme that provides stress-proofing, wellbeing and problem-solving.

Module 1-2: 2-day follow-up course

This is a compulsory follow-up component to be taken a minimum of 1yr (and a maximum of 3yrs) after module 1-1. You will learn more about the physiology of meditation posture, the science behind the breath practices, research background and methodologies, and business aspects including how to adapt the course for different student groups.

The tuition was fantastic and just got better and better. The course was better than expected.Valerie McDonald (2015)

Module 2

This course comprises of:

  • 5-day residential course
  • coursework to be completed at home

In this optional add-on module, you will be taught how to conduct an additional 8-week course in Meditation and Mindfulness for Insight – suitable for those who wish to move beyond wellbeing and into the higher realms of human potential, whilst still keeping a grounded and energetic approach to life. It follows a similar format to module 1-1.

Each mindfulness teacher training module is paid for separately, as and when you attend. For the costs, see the following list of upcoming courses.

How are the days structured?

A typical day in our intensive course (mornings are kept silent until after lunch):

Zenways meditation and mindfulness training6am – Guided Meditation
7am – Breakfast
7.30am – Body-scan
8.30am – Mindful movement
9.30am – Tea
10am – Class
12pm – Lunch
1pm – Class
3pm – Tea
3.30pm – Class
5pm – Meditation
6pm – Supper
6.30pm – Mindfulness poetry walk
7.30pm – Meditation

The course was well paced, beautifully intense without being overwhelming. I’m surprised by the changes in people throughout the course, it feels like we really opened up. MatthewMatthew

Oxford University research project

Oxford University crestWe are part of a research project entitled “The Influence of Mindfulness and Meditation on Overall Life Satisfaction” run by Professor Maryanne Martin of the Oxford University Department of Experimental Psychology and Dr. Barbara Ryusen Gabrys (ethics approval MSD/IDREC/C1/2012/79). Prof. Martin and Dr. Gabrys have been studying the effects of the Zenways 8-week meditation and mindfulness programmes on people’s overall life satisfaction and have found that students experience a significant decrease in perceived stress, together with a decrease in anxiety, plus increases in levels of awareness and satisfaction with life.

When you study with us to be a Mindfulness and Meditation teacher, you learn how to administer the tests so that your students can actually have validated the changes they experience during the course.

What sort of support will I get during the course?

After attending our module 1-1 residential course, you will get access to our private members’ website. This site contains a wealth of resources to download and support your teaching, and a very active forum where you can ask questions and browse the collective knowledge of the Zenways teaching community.

We also run a unique mentoring scheme for all our meditation and mindfulness teachers. You will be assigned a mentor from our pool of experienced Zenways mindfulness teachers, and their job is to help you with anything you need through your qualification period and beyond.

Furthermore, you can also send us your details to be added to our Zenways “find a teacher” database. This is a geographically searchable database of Zenways teachers accessible directly from the Zenways homepage.