Mindfulness Teacher Training: Costs and fees

mindfulness teacher training manualTuition Costs and Offers

Standard price: £1560
Early bird price: £1400 (available if you book more than 3 months in advance)

Bursary place: We offer one bursary place per course that comes with a 50% reduction on the tuition fees. To qualify for a bursary place you’d need to be someone who, after their training, is prepared to offer your expertise to a group of people that wouldn’t under normal circumstances get access to this kind of teaching. For example it might be in hospitals, children’s homes, homeless shelters, care homes, etc. What we need from you is a written document explaining to whom and how you will offer the course. Once you have run your course/classes you would need to report back as to how it went and what was achieved.

Discount for previously qualified teachers: If you have a mindfulness teacher training qualification already and are interested in coming on our course, we’d like to offer you a 50% reduction on the tuition fees.

Group bookings: We offer a 25% discount on tuition fees for group bookings of 4 or over.


Accommodation (bed and board) costs are in addition to the tuition fees.

We would encourage you to stay at the venue where the course is held. The venue accommodation costs vary, and start from around £50/night. Some venues offer shared accommodation, others have single rooms with en-suite which are more expensive. Others offer camping options. Please check the individual course listing for more details of the prices.

If you’d like to find your own accommodation or would like to stay at home, you’re always very welcome. Beware of adding significant commute times as the days start early and end late.

Great value for money

We are committed to keeping the course affordable and our mindfulness teacher training course is still one of the best value courses out there. When you consider your earnings potential, our training course is excellent value for money.

We’re quite right to think very seriously before we making the decision to become a teacher. But the thing is the world needs mindfulness and meditation teachers!

Never have humans lived in such a frazzled, stressful, unnatural environment. People are crying out for help. Every year, mindfulness gets more popular because it really makes a difference.