Mindfulness Teacher Training: Accreditation

Accredited Mindfulness Teacher Training ProgrammeIn May 2019, our course was recognised and accredited by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA). The IMTA is a US-based organisation that oversees international mindfulness teacher education and training standards.

Accreditation has also been agreed verbally with the Independent Yoga Network (IYN). We are currently in the process of submitting the required paperwork.

The Zenways course is also recognised by the College of Mindful Clinicians, set up by Prof. Dr. Russell Razzaque, for its role in developing and delivering retreats, approving certification and providing supervision to its teachers.

“I am familiar with the work of Julian Daizan Skinner and it is my opinion that the structured meditation and mindfulness teacher training course offered by him is analogous to but not identical with, teacher training courses supplied on a regular basis by Bangor, Oxford and Aberdeen Universities, and is of a broadly similar nature and level. Moreover the course participants, including psychotherapists, nurses and others in the caring professions (and indeed myself) are broadly similar to the participants found on the above-mentioned regular University courses.”
– Psychiatrist, Prof. Dr. Russell Razzaque

Russell - Consultant PsychiatristAbout Dr. Razzaque: My area of specialist interest is mindfulness and I have been practising and conducting research in this area for the last eight years. I also write and lecture extensively on the subject, including for the Royal College of Psychiatrists and I have published papers in peer-reviewed academic journals in this area as well.

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