Sesshin (5-day retreat) – “Here be Dragons”

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Sesshin (5-day retreat) – “Here be Dragons”

This 5-day Zen sesshin retreat, led by Daizan Skinner Roshi, will explore the imagery, practices and symbols related to dragons (during this Chinese year of the dragon). Meeting the dragon involves meeting that which is fearful or alien within and without. When we find the courage to do this, the dragon transforms from an enemy to an ally and we access a unique power and wisdom.

The retreat is suitable for those with an established sitting practice and a willingness to face themselves on all levels.

The retreat will include still meditation (zazen), movement and energy work, samu (working meditation), and sanzen (1-to-1s) with Daizan Roshi.

We do not charge a fixed amount for these retreats, and instead would suggest a donation of between £350-450 (or £200-300 for Zenways members). In case of hardship in making a financial donation please contact us. No one is turned away through lack of means.


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Accommodation Cost: from £525 (including all meals and refreshments)
Suggested Donation:Between £350-450 (or £200-300 for Zenways members)

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