Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training Module 2

Module 2

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Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training Module 2

In this optional add-on module, you will be taught how to conduct an additional 8-week course in Meditation and Mindfulness for Insight – suitable for those who wish to move beyond wellbeing and into the higher realms of human potential, whilst still keeping a grounded and energetic approach to life. It follows a similar format to module 1-1.

The practices you will learn, and learn to teach, are rooted in the ancient Zen tradition and based around developing insight into your true nature – and doing so keeping both feet firmly on the ground. These practices include mindfulness of the breath, koan meditation (for example, meditating with the question “who am I?”), meditating on the ‘Unborn’, and a number of energy-based practices for cultivating grounding and stability.

Being qualified to teach both 8-week courses will give you greater confidence and depth in your teaching, whatever format it takes. Note: You do not have to be a Buddhist or have achieved any specific levels in your meditation to be able to practice or teach this course.

To attend this course you need to have attended module 1-2 (the compulsory follow-up weekend to module 1-1).

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Tuition Fee: £695
Early-Bird Price: £620 (to get the early-bird price you need to book more than 3 months in advance)
Accommodation Cost: £500
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