Dealing with Difficult People and Conflict Retreat – with Mark Kuren Westmoquette

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About the Event

Dealing with Difficult People and Conflict Retreat – with Mark Kuren Westmoquette

This Zen retreat will be led by senior dharma teacher Mark Kuren Westmoquette, and will be focussed on dealing with conflict – generally, and more specifically in our personal relationships. The retreat will centre around three koans: Nansen’s Cat, Joshu’s “wash your bowl” and “What is the samadhi of Kannon?”

These koans will be our guides into exploring conflict and how to work with it, and how we can motivate our actions through a deeper sense of understanding and compassion.

Mark is the author of “Zen and the Art of Dealing With Difficult People” (2021, Watkins Press), and has hosted the “Zen At The Sharp End” podcast for the last 2 years which explores how Buddhist practitioners deal with conflict in their lives.

Who is it for?

The retreat is suitable for all, from beginners to those with an established sitting practice.


We will be following the schedule of a formal Zen retreat, and our time together will be held in silence.

The retreat will begin on Thursday 11th July with dinner at 6pm followed by a talk, and will finish with lunch on Sunday 14th July.

Days will start with Zen taiso (exercise) followed by chanting then zazen (sitting meditation). There will be a period of samu (working meditation) after breakfast, and yoga practice in the afternoon. Meditation will continue into the evening. There will be regular opportunities for sanzen (speaking 1-to-1 with Mark about your practice).


We do not charge a fixed amount for these retreats, and instead would suggest a donation of around £100 for the retreat. In case of hardship in making a financial donation please contact us. No one is turned away through lack of means.

Accommodation is to be paid separately to the venue.

Booking Enquiry

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