Breakthrough to Zen Retreat – Oregon, USA

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Breakthrough to Zen Retreat – Oregon, USA

Breakthrough to Zen Retreat with Daizan Roshi and Shinkai Roshi

Blue Cliff Zen Center in Eugene, Oregon is honored to host Daizan at our fall Breakthrough to Zen retreat.

The three-day (64hr) retreat is based on the “group sanzen” format developed by our teacher Zen master Shinzan, together with the dyad work of American teacher, Charles Berner and current neuroscientific research around what has come to be called “the breakthrough experience”. This creates a uniquely powerful combination. Thousands of students have reported life-changing shifts in awareness. The work is stabilised and grounded through the “naikan” Zen practices taught by Zen master Hakuin and detailed in “Practical Zen”. This retreat format requires no particular world-view and has been transformative for people from many spiritual traditions and none. If you are willing to simply face the reality of who and what you are, you give yourself the best chance of benefiting. This retreat is suitable for those with no prior meditation experience, but can also be very powerful for those who have an on-going or developing practice.

Please book through Blue Cliff Zen Center: If you have any questions or are unsure about anything, please get in touch with them directly.

For more general information about our Breakthrough To Zen retreats, click here.

Event Details

Tuition Fee: Supported rate/$350, Sustaining rate/$450, Supporting rate/$550. The fee covers lodging, meals, and the retreat itself/teacher compensation.

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