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Accreditation by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association

Accredited Mindfulness Teacher Training Programme

Our Mindfulness Teacher Training Program has just been accredited by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA). That means they see us and our training course as a globally-recognized credential in the field of mindfulness instruction.

The IMTA is a US-based organisation that oversees international mindfulness teacher education and training standards. Their aims are to ensure teaching and education programs continue to meet the level of depth and rigour needed to serve students and clients at the highest level and standardize the mindfulness teaching profession.

Sharing the Zen

We were featured in the OM Yoga Teacher Training Guide 2017

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Crowdfunding appeal for the recording of “In Heaven’s River”

Judith and Benjamin playing pieces from "In Heaven's River"

We are happy to announce the creation of “In Heaven’s River” – an album of six beautiful songs that sangha-member Judith Charron and colleague Benjamin Kahn have co-written, setting poems from Japanese mountain-monk Enku into music. The poems were recently published in our book “In Heaven’s River” translated by Daizan Roshi.–2#/

The premiere concert where Judith and Benjamin performed all of these songs took place in September 2015 in London. They are now looking for some financial help to record these pieces in a proper studio which will then enable them to make those songs better known and share them with a larger audience.

To listen to an extract of the songs, click here

They’re looking to raise just £1,000 in the next 2 months. Let’s see if we can help them hit that target!

The songs are absolutely worth it!

Many thanks,
The Zenways Team–2#/